Welcome to Sedgefield Tennis Club

A vibrant, fun loving tennis club on D F Malan Street, The Island, Sedgefield, Western Cape, South Africa.

Protocols for visitors at Sedgefield Tennis Club.

For the period 07 December 2021 to 07 January 2022 the following rules/guidelines were agreed upon:

– Court #3 to be blocked in Skedda on all “non-social” days and mornings on “social days.
– The lock on Court#3 to be replaced with the old padlock & keys and keys to be given to all Duty-Officers.
– A gate is to be constructed between Courts #3 and #2 and fitted with a combination padlock.
– A duty-roster of Committee members is set up for the period – on duty 1 day per week – duty-days can be transferred to others.  Club members to be asked to volunteer as well.
– A straight visitors fee of R50 per person per two hour (or part thereof) session will be charged.

Please contact Bruce +27 82 575 9295 on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
Phil +27 66 271 1326 on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday to book a court.